Thursday, January 29, 2009

impractical word of the day

Every day I get a 'word of the day' e-mail from Merriam-Webster. Lately, they haven't been all that enlightening. For example, today's word:

Word of the Day
January 29


: too evident to be doubted : unquestionable

Not only do we all already know the meaning of this word but more importantly it has no practical use. WHO uses that word whose name is NOT Sherlock Holmes?? Seriously? Seriously?

Thanks, but no thanks, Mr. Webster.

Update: Thanks to the commenters, I will acknowledge that indubitable is a word used by some and most certainly 'indubitably' is used by such greats as The Simpsons. However, I will refrain from accepting that indubitable is a word worthy of a word-of-the-day. I'll take the likes of primogeniture over indubitable any day.


  1. lol omg i swear to god, that is like me and Ryan's word! we say it ALL THE TIME to each other! It's typically funny and we say it in this absurd voice but we totally do say it to each other in a declarative manner whenever we get the chance hahaha

    so funny

  2. although, i should mention, typically we say "indubitably!" and not indubitable. just to clear that up, lol

  3. Clearly you two are from Holmes cloth. Do you also say 'elementary!' ?

  4. Indubitably is a word frequently used by the head of America's first family, The Simpsons.

    I want a written retraction to this post!

    If this is not done, I will indubitably stop reading this blog. Indubitably, my good man.