Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the dawn of christmas ave - a brief history

Though the exact spelling of Christmas Ave is often debated (there are two significant camps - 'ov' vs. 'ave'), the origin of Christmas Ave is very certain. Christmas Ave occurs but once a year - on the 23rd of December, one day before Christmas Eve.

Christmas Ave is a day for celebrating, a day to eat, a day to drink, and specifically a day to mock the gullible.

Its origins date back to 1880, when the Irish were not satisfied with the vacation they received around Christmas. They wanted another day off and another day to drink. So they started a PR campaign to bring Christmas Ave to the forefront of their employers minds. They complained of discrimination, religious persecution and soon enough they had frightened their employers into believing that Christmas Ave was a legitimate and legally respected holiday.

So raise your glass, and toast the Irish. Merry Christmas Ave, everyone!

(author's note: Christmas Ave is but a folk's tale of a holiday and is not legally recognized in the United States. Please feel free to celebrate its spirit, but the author is not liable for any shenanigans resulting from your pursuit of the Ave as a recognized holiday.)

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  1. lol this told me so much i never otherwise would've known about the origins of the great, great holiday Christmas Ave!